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2014 Winter Olympics - Opening Ceremony - Alan Cook


NBC voice referred to it as Candyland. No, it was inspired by folk art figures from Dymkova. So here are views that might inspire an approach for a puppet show design based on Dymkova clay figures.

In the 5th photo of figurines, right side, is a goat whistle made of clay, which I bought from a Vancouver B C antique store, which got it from a Canadian who had worked for an embassy or consulate in the USSR before 1962>

The paint has a way of flaking off. I wish I had known that earlier...maybe a spray coat of clear Krylon would have helped maintain the paint.

OTHER PHOTOS from last night. Animals, church domes, etc. all decorated in Dymkova style. Definitely nothing to do with candy. When the domes rose into the air, I immediately thought of Tony Sarg balloon figures for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parades.


[photo 51 Dymkova]
photo 51 Dymkova
[photo 52 Dymkova]
photo 52 Dymkova
[photo 53 Dymkova]
photo 53 Dymkova
[photo 54 Dymkova]
photo 54 Dymkova
[photo 55 Dymkova with goat]
photo 55 Dymkova with goat
[photo 71]
photo 71
[photo 77]
photo 77
[photo 78]
photo 78
[photo 79]
photo 79
[photo 80]
photo 80
[photo 81]
photo 81
[photo 82]
photo 82
[photo 83]
photo 83
[photo 84]
photo 84
[photo 85]
photo 85
[photo 86]
photo 86
[photo 87]
photo 87
[photo 88]
photo 88
[photo 89]
photo 89
[photo 90]
photo 90
[photo 91]
photo 91